Should I Turn Off My Gas Furnace in the Summer?


Summertime high temperatures in St. George, UT, often exceed 100 degrees from June through August. Daytime high temperatures in May, September, and October typically soar past 90 degrees. That means you’ll need all the cooling power your air conditioner can deliver. You’re unlikely to need your gas furnace between May and October, so you might wonder if it’s a good idea to shut it down. Our heating technicians and independent energy efficiency experts agree that it’s a good idea to turn off your gas furnace in the summer. Here’s why you should do it and the steps you can take for a safe shutdown of your furnace.

Update the Thermostat Setting for Summer

The first step of turning off your furnace for the summer takes place at the thermostat. Switch it to the “cool” function. If you had it set to the “heat” or “auto” setting, it may tell the furnace to turn on if there’s a chilly night during the summer months.

Turn Off the Pilot Light

Older furnaces have pilot lights that are always on. They constantly burn natural gas. During the summer, this is a waste of energy and your money. Locate the gas supply valve for the pilot, and then turn it off. This will save you up to $10 each month of the summer season.

Shut Down Power to the Furnace

Finally, cut power to the furnace. Shutting it down stops it from using “ghost” energy for sensors. If the furnace has a power switch, turn it off. If you can’t find it, go to your circuit breaker. Turn off the circuit to the furnace.

Arctic Air of Southern Utah is St. George’s trusted provider of furnace maintenance. We also offer air conditioning maintenance and heating and cooling repair and replacement. You can count on our ductwork and indoor air quality solutions for a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient home. To learn more about whether or not to turn off your gas furnace in the summer, get in touch with our team at Arctic Air of Southern Utah today.

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